DSL Support

Last Updated: April 22nd, 2004

Welcome to SDC Internet! Here, you will find a list of setup options, questions, and tips for your DSL service.

1.0) How do I set up my DSL Modem?

Setting up your DSL Modem is simple if you use the software CD that comes with it. Just be sure to read all of the instructions before trying to install it.

The software will guide you step-by-step through plugging in and making sure everything is correct. There will be a point where you will need to answer a couple of questions, though:

1) When it asks you to select you Service Provider, either MSN or Other ISP, select "Other ISP".

2) For your ISP Protocol, select "PPPoA".

3) When it asks you for your "PPP User Name" and your "PPP Password", enter the username and password you gave us when you signed up. If you are a dial-up customer these will be the same as your current dial-up username and password. Please make sure that you do not put "@sdc.org" onto the end of your username!

4) Finally, it will ask you for your "IP Type". Select "Dynamic IP (DHCP)".

That should be all you need to enter! Finish following the instructions, and if everything is set up correctly, you should eventually get the message that your internet service is ready to use. If you get an error, please contact our office, and we will try to help you out over the phone.

2.0) What if I am not getting a connection?

First of all, make sure that you have set up everything correctly. Check the cabling and make sure you have entered your username and password correctly.

Second, make sure that you are using the green phone line supplied with your modem. This line should run straight from your phone line into your DSL modem. Do not run it through a surge protector!

2.1) The "Internet" light on my modem is red.

This means that your DSL modem has failed to log into our system. Usually, this is an indication that the username or password you entered is incorrect, or that your account has been suspended. Please re-run the setup software on the CD and make sure that your username and password are correct. If you still have problems, contact our office.

2.2) The "DSL" light on my modem is flashing green.

This means that you are not able to connect to your DSL line properly. This could mean that your DSL line has not been set up by Qwest, yet, or that your phone line is experiencing problems. DSL requires a phone line that is clean from noise and is of high quality. Normally, Qwest should condition the lines when your service is installed, but they do not always do this.

Other causes can include incorrect wiring like a crossed pair or reversed wires that normally wouldn't affect a phone call too badly. You might also have another device on the line, like a fax machine, that is putting noise into your line.

In this case you will need to contact Qwest's repair service at 1-800-573-1311. If there is a problem with the line from their Central Office to your home, they will repair it free of charge. If they have to fix a problem with wiring inside your house they will charge for the repairs.