Creating a Website for a Hosted Domain (aka virtual website)

SDC Internet provides space for all customers to create their own personal website. The URL for your website is where logname is your login name at SDC.

For Web Site Hosting with your own domain name (i.e. .com, .org, etc.) there will be a separate directory created in your home account. The name of the directory is the same as the name of your website, i.e. Beneath that directory is a html directory and a cgi-bin directory. Place your content into those directories. Any executable (cgi) programs must be placed in the cgi-bin directory.

There is no content in your website by default. You must add the content to your web space directory. Until that time, your website will display the default webpage for our webserver.

Content may be added a number of ways. Two ways are to log into our server ( with a secure shell program and change to the directory of interest and start editing. Any page named index.htm or index.html will automatically be displayed when your personal webpage URL above is entered into a browser. Alternately, you can create your content offline and then use a file transfer program to move it into the directory.

How to create web pages is left to the user. Many books and web sites are available to get tutoring for web page creation.