Equipment Listing & Pricing - "Equipment Plus" Option

Payment Plan
Setup fee: $99
Equipment +
Standard Professional Installation +
Service Cost:
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Standard Professional Installation Includes:

  • Installation of Customer Premises Equipment by licensed N.M. contractor
  • Travel to and from customer's location, within 25 miles of SDC's office
  • Up to 100 feet of cable between CPE and an ethernet port (PC/Router/Switch)
  • Additional network requirements are not included
  • Cabling will be routed through one exterior and one interior wall or floor as required. Your technicians will advise if the installation cannot be treated as standard (for example if reinforced concrete or thick adobe is involved)

Note: The CPE does not require intrusion into any of your equipment and will work with any network-ready device with an ethernet connector.

Standard equipment and management requirements:

SDC will maintain administrative control of all wireless CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) bridges connected to our network. Management of any equipment downstream (customer side) of the wireless CPE is the responsibility of the subscriber.

Standard equipment will be the wireless bridge, antenna (if required), cabling, tripod or stand-offs to mount a 10 foot mast, a 4 foot grounding spike, and necessary grounding wire.

SDC Internet undertakes to repair or replace equipment which fails as a result of normal wear and tear, weather damage etc., in as timely a manner as possible.