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San Miguel Catholic Church

403 El Camino Real, Socorro, NM 87801 * 575-835-2891
One of the Oldest Catholic Churches in the United States... Founded 1598

Welcome to San Miguel

Welcome to Old San Miguel Mission, the Catholic Church in Socorro, NM.

San Miguel is a vibrant parish in the heart of central New Mexico. Our mission is to strive to bring people closer to God. We, the faith filled members of the Parish and its Missions, part of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, find strength, unity and grace in the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. As the voices and hands of Jesus in our time, our purpose is to express God's grace by offering Christion Love and Service to each other and to everyone we meet. We reach out to the world in prayer, action and deeds in unity with the Holy Roman Catholic Church.


We Need a Volunteer
to help with the garden in front of the church





















Please consider volunteering to help with the upkeep of the garden in front of the church so that our church stays beautiful.

To volunteer or for more information please contact the church office 835-2891.

Thank You!


Fathers Day Memorials 2022
















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We would like to stay in touch with you by contacting you via email or text message.

Please click here for instructions so you can stay in touch with what's going on at San Miguel.


Weekly Contributions

Although weekly collection has resumed during Mass, you can continue to make your weekly contribution online. Please click here to contribute.


If you want to Pray

While the church is locked during the day, those wishing to pray can come to the Guadalupe Chapel. The chapel is available from 10AM to 12 Noon and 1:30PM - 4:00PM, weekdays except Wednesday. You must wear a face mask and maintain the usual six feet of distance at all times.

The Guadalupe Chapel is located in the church offices. Please ring the doorbell for entry.


July 3, 2022
Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time














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Masses - To view the Mass schedule including streamed Masses, please click here.

To view all videos on the San Miguel YouTube Channel, please click here.

Streamed Content Schedule

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The Mass Readings Reviewed for the Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Available after 12Noon on Friday, July 1, 2022 Click Here
Mass - Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Anticipatory) Saturday, July 2, 2022 at 5:00PM Click Here

Last Week

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Mass - Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Anticipatory) Saturday, June 25, 2022 at 5:00PM Click Here



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COVID-19 Information

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Updates from the New Mexico Department of Health Executive Orders and Public Health Orders

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San Miguel

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